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in the city, red cross did show up to help, they offered blankets and let them sit on a bus they didn't have shelter, nowhere to go. they will be able to get home, soon. police did have a crisis negotiating team on treasure island talking to the man trying to convince him to surrender. it did not work out. the man did end up killing himself around 5:00 this morning. they are still doing an investigation now but hope to open up the island soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> let's see if that ramp-opening process is underway. >>> it is. as a matter of fact, we are getting word eastbound ramp to treasure island is open from the bay bridge good news. westbound they hope to have open shortly. sluggish traffic upper deck of the bay bridge, but it is moving, behind the bay bridge toll, metering lights not on, typical commute headed into san francisco. other police activity jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona closed while they take that investigation underway first reports of an accident 80 west highway 4 car into the median there. >>> fog out by the delta, live doppler extensive cloud co
the sunol grade towards union city, fremont and milpitas best radar returns to the south at the coast, towards ben lomond, santa cruz on its way to morgan hill, los gatos and southern sections of san jose that is a trend developing more showers offshore and roll across us we are not out of woods yet probably not until noon, then partly sunny this afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s coast, low to mid 60s bay and inland. we still have traffic to deal with. >>> couple problems, three "sig alert"s down to two before you head out your free waze app, heading towards livermore, normal commute westbound is normal towards the altamont pass. eastbound jacknifed big rig blocks lanes at north greenville traffic spotters reporting standstill eastbound as you make your getaway towards i-5. second "sig alert" in san francisco southbound 280 before 101 former truck fire out still blocking lanes. third "sig alert" lifted, accident in san mateo south 101 past third in the clearing phases, just about out of there. >>> we are in the storm watch this morning as mentioned drivers are facing a soggy beginning t
francisco city leaders, including the police chief joined volunteers last night to set up tables and get food ready at st. anthony's. organizers expect to serve 4,000 people there. meanwhile, volunteers at glide are preparing more than 5,000 meals. they are also going to hand out more than 1700 bagged lunches tomorrow. >>> bay area wal-mart workers plan to walk off the job starting 10:00 tonight in support of a strike upset wal-mart is opening 8:00 tonight for black friday they accuse the company of retaliating against workers who spoke out against the early opening. organizers say they want to inform shoppers about what they call wal-mart's unfair work conditions. the company expects only a small number of workers to walk-out. >>> whether you are shopping today or tomorrow, check out, we've compiled a list of stores and their opening times, it is kristen -- kristen sze approved it has to be right. under see it on tv. >>> new this morning, president obama released his weekly online video address a couple days early in honor of thanksgiving. >> the president: tod
ever. city target on mission excited shoppers filed through front doors 9:00 last night. overall things appeared well-organized by employees. a few shoppers rushed to the electronics section a lot of people waited in line for hours for a shot at one of those sale priced tv's. shoppers at a san leandro wal-mart found more than bargains protesting employees handed out leaflets complaining of low wages and unsafe conditions one told us you can't talk to wal-mart management about things they don't want to hear. >> aid -- [ inaudible ] >> most of the shoppers ignored the protests charges of retaliation are the subject of a lawsuit before the national labor relations board. >> it is not too late to check out black friday deals before you head out the door. we've compiled a list of stores you can browse their sale ads on look under see it on tv. >>> 6:06 now. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside, the san mateo bridge and traffic is just as light as you think it would be on the day after thank. sue is watching this and mike will have your full forecast, all straig
tonight san jose leaders holding meetings to get public input on choosing the city's next police chief. chief moore announced he will retire the end of january search is on for a replacement. the first meeting starts tonight at :30 at berryessa community center, others will be health over the next two weeks at various community centers in san jose. >>> outgoing christina 0 log give says she is -- looking forward to a quieter live. she will focus on finishing work on a psychology degree. the mayor her to the have adviser's seat vacated by mirkarimi when he was elected sheriff she was one of four who voted to mirkarimi his job back that outraged anti-domestic violence advocates who campaigned against her. >>> look outside, we'll tell you what we've been telling you all morning. it is foggy many >>> here's a look above the fog view from mount tamalpais, the -- 2500 feet, deck of low clouds and fog down to our bridges, overpasses, be careful, we are talking about speeds that should be reduced to easy 50 miles an hour less, 40 miles on those highways. doppler is quiet and will remain quiet
, the downtown needs to be able to bring people in. >> the city councilman said the loss of hockey fans has hurt big time. >> you don't know what you have until you have don't have it. that's what's happening. >> he misses all those hungry shark fans and hopes this festival will be a gift. >> without this it will be a really sad holiday. >> having been a long time san jose sharks fans since i was a kid. >> he helped open the brew pub began. christieiam gucci said the holiday spirit is kneaded right a way. it's an amazing opportunity for families to come and enjoy the holidays and enjoy opportunities together. hopefully it will help the economy in downtown. >> on friday we learned the nhl cancelled all hockey games through mid-december. still many are optimistic the sharks will take to the ice before the end of the year. in san jose, abc7 news. >> 25,000 people, twice as many as last year, crowded into san francisco's union square for last night's annual tree lighting ceremony. >>> three, two, one! it was the 23rd straight year for the macy's sponsored tree lighting. 33,000 lights. 1100 ornaments
live in the city and we are happy to be here tonight. >> the bulls manager said the lockout has been good for the new team. >> the sharks fan support is great and the lockout can only benefit us, as sad as it is. >> but it's given the sharks player ryan low a new job as assistant coach. >> it's worked out well. i enjoy playing. >> i feel like it's making the most of a bad situation with the lockout. >> ticket prices for bulls games average about 20 bucks, last price of a sharks game. >> the sharks are a little better but everything is a little more expensive at a sharks game. >> i like the sharks and i'm a bulls fan. >> about 3,000 fans attended the game and in the end the bulls beat the stockton thunder 6-3. not only are tickets affordable, the price of hot dogs and refreshments won't break the bank either, about five or six dollars for them. abc7 news. >> well, our weather is about to change. lisa argen is here to tell you when and what is on tap. >> yeah. already beginning to change with our dense fog advisory in the north bay. hears a look at the golden gate bridge. just over on
. >>> the bay area city hit by a wall of mud a few weeks ahead the preparations to make sure the wet weather doesn't cause more of a another disaster. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo in pacifica, rain has been coming and going the wind will not let up. i have a warning from the coast guard for >>> at 6:30 let's start by looking at the palm trees on the embarcadero and the flags, those winds are really starting to howl from this storm, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we have live team coverage on the storm now amy hollyfield is in the north bay, katie marzullo is at the pacifica pier, monitoring the coastal conditions. >> let's begin with meteorologist lisa argen. >>> heaviest rain so far has been in the north bay. you can see the yellows and the greens it is beginning to over spread the entire bay area. the wind gusts have been with utts that's why we are under a wind advisory through 11:00, occidental and bodega bay heavier rain here, highway 116, 101 windsor through rohnert park east bay not much happening breezy and quiet blue representing a little moisture picked up further south in
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8